Screened Tree Mulch

SA Composters Screened Tree Mulch is a 25mm screening of tree chipper mulch.

The great features of SA Composters Tree Mulch are:

  • Reflects Heat
  • Light in Colour
  • Tree Aroma
  • Diverse Species
  • Less than 25mm
  • Natural Look
  • Reduces Evaporation
  • Good to Walk on
  • Long Lasting
  • Easy to Spread

SA Composters have made Screened Tree Mulch for over twenty-five years. It has always been a popular mulch for low maintenance areas, paths, mud control and commercial landscapes. It forms a barrier to weeds whilst allowing good soil development over time.

Vineyards can spread it under vine but usually require other materials blended into it. The other amendments that can be added are Gypsum, Manure, Basalt or best of all; SA Composters Black Gold at about 5%.

We will work with our customers to achieve a great result.

We have the capacity to supply and deliver very large quantities. All commercial customers are welcome to tour and inspect our compost production yard at 50 Liston Road Lonsdale.


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